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Branding &
Marketing Strategy 

Want to create a truly outstanding brand?

Your brand identity is who you are, bringing together different elements and shaping the world’s perception of your company. Not only will a strong brand make customers sit up and take notice, but it will allow your business to charge a premium over its competitor, build customer loyalty, drive sales and accelerate product differentiation in the market.

Combining data-driven research with great design, we build meaningful brands that are instantly recognizable. We find out who you really are and where you want to be, creating a vibrant brand identity that reflects the heart of your business.

Naming • Brand Positioning • Visual Identity Design • Collateral • Brand Marketing

Our Brand-Building Principles


Boost credibility, build a reputation and inspire trust in your services with a consistent identity.


Give your business a clear direction and target audience to help you focus on hitting your growth goals.


Keep everyone on the same page with strong brand guidelines and clear vision.


Show customers your commitment with consistent branding that never wavers.

We create brands

of the future

Consumer habits are constantly evolving. Using data-driven research, we make sure your brand meets their demands, continuing to delight and excite your customers. 

Whether you’re launching a new business or want to change your positioning, consistent branding is key to building a business that resonates with your target audience. Making sure every touchpoint captures the very essence of your core principles, we create an exciting brand experience for your customers and help build your brand into your most valuable asset.

Our Brand-Building Principles

STEP 1. Research

We focus on making objective decisions through gathering information and analyzing our findings. This way, we get to know your business, sector, competitors, audience, and existing branding. We do this through extensive workshops, Q&As, and most importantly listening to you and your customer

  • Your offer

  • Your identity

  • Brand & design analysis

  • Competitor research

  • Target audience

  • Customer interaction

  • Brand recognition

STEP 3. Design

We create a meaningful and memorable visual identity for your business that goes far beyond just the logo. Design is not an art form but the product of informed decision-making, so our design work is always guided by the research and strategy phases.

  • Logo

  • Colour & typography

  • Shape

  • Graphics

  • Real-life scenarios

  • Brand guidelines

STEP 2. Strategy

Our findings inform the brand strategy we ultimately design. While the research phase was about understanding and exploration, this phase of the branding process is about focusing and consolidating your aspirations and values into your vision for the future.

  • Core values

  • Vision for the future

  • Mission statement

  • Your USP

  • Tone of voice

  • Naming

  • Tagline

  • Rollout strategy

STEP 4. Brand Launch

We start by revealing your new brand to your customer and target audience concisely and memorably.


The rollout happens across every relevant channel and is done as one depending on your circumstances.

Implementation can take many forms, from a new website to a social media overhaul or series of product videos to name just a few.


Welcome to the world, new brand!

We know how to grow brands

Distinctive & Consistent

Reliable and professional brands are built on consistency. By keeping your communication the same across all channels, we build confidence in your services and let customers know the real you. Deliver the same great experience, no matter how they find you.

We’ll help you find your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and use it to your advantage. This will inform the direction of all your marketing campaigns, letting customers know exactly why they should choose you every time. Whatever makes you unique, we’ll make sure you own it.


With a strong brand identity and the right content strategies, you can build a community around your brand and keep your customers engaged. We’ll keep your brand up to date with relevant and valuable content that leaves them coming back for more.


Our process and approach have enabled us to help many businesses grow. Click here to view our branding projects.

Your opinion matters,

but what's the opinion of your customer?

Brands can often take shape through the eyes of the creator but we challenge that theory by using a process designed to deliver brands through the eyes of your customer. Simple things such as colour, tone of voice and imagery can be decided through emotive internal decision-makers. We flip this on its head and ensure that the customer’s requirements are considered first.

Require a New Brand?

Kickstart your new business with a professional brand identity that inspires trust and communicates credibility. You can get it right from the start and realize your vision sooner. Our experience tells us that businesses get by for a couple of years at best before enlisting professional branding help. Here are a few ways our rebranding expertise has impacted organizations:

  • Gave focus to the business future direction

  • Provided clarity about the business

  • Inspired staff

Require a Rebrand?

Change your positioning, refresh your neglected brand, or reboot completely. Get the most out of your business and take it to the next level with the help of a rational and inspiring rebrand. Many ambitious businesses realize that having a strong brand adds value to their idea and makes their business more defensible. Here are some of the ways our branding work has assisted:

  • Credible and professional from the start

  • Helped win the trust of stakeholders

  • Provided clarity about the business

  • Gave focus to the business future direction

  • Inspired staff

Latest branding projects we've done

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